10247488_746276712069925_7451492497157113906_nThe Millennial Muse started out like most things – with just an inkling, a nagging feeling that there is more to our generation than what the Times would tell you. The story starts with a girl and her idea that it was time for her peers to have a platform to discuss what is important to them in their own words, a place of free expression without limitations. She called upon 6 amazingly strong women who she knew had something to say to the world. These women are the Muses. She then asked them to share their opinions which were usually reserved for coffee shop meetings or living room conversations and open themselves and their views up to the public.

The guidelines they received were simple: write a post about what you are thinking about; comment on another muse’s post; start a discussion for others to join in.

We are a generation of diverse people with diverse ideas, and unless we vocalize them now, they will become nothing but fruitless musings. This blog is meant to serve as a platform for these conversations. It is a place where unique and different ideas are not only shared, but are also encouraged. It is a place of honesty, and although opinions do, and will differ, they are respected and valued.

We have started the conversation, and now it’s your turn to continue it.

On Behalf of the Muses,

– Samantha Courtney  & Jennifer Beth


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