Get Outside and Bring a Date: 18 Outdoor Themed Date Ideas

Before I begin, everyone needs to bust open their door and embrace the wonderful, glorious sun, with wind open arms.   I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve certainly missed the sun and all the activities that comes with having warmer weather.

Now, I can begin.  My last blog post was about fun activities that you can do with your friends in the winter.  This week I’ve decided to do fun dates that you can do outside and in.  There are obviously always the go to classics, a movie and dinner.  I’ve included these, but decided to put a spin on it.  Hopefully my ideas help you create more fun and memorable dates.

couple-having-fun-in-the-back-of-a-truckSome of these dates may require the following:

  • Money
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Phone/Internet-Only for specific adventures. Stay off your phone otherwise!

What you’ll always need:

  • Laughter
  • Smiles
  • Creativity
  • Open mind
  • Sense of Humor
  1. f34f5e70baf640133aa63b044c08b391Go on a Picnic. I feel like this is something couples always say they’ll do together, but never do.  My friend and her boyfriend went on a picnic and made picking a spot a game. The ideas was to pick a number between 1-20 and whatever number they picked that’s how many turns they had to make at each stop sign.  To decide right or left, they flipped a coin.  I think it’s a cool idea, but you may end up having your picnic at a very odd spot…
  2. Go on a hike! It’s finally nice enough to go.  While on your hike you could even pick some wild berries if they are in season (make sure they’re not poisonous…) and if you manage not to eat them all pull out your families recipe book and make a delicious pie!
  3. Go Camping. I mean real camping, in a tent no campers allowed!  There are endless outdoor activities that you both can do.   One of them should be star gazing.  You can have fun finding constellations you already know or making up ones if you don’t.  Bonus:  You can share a sleeping bag.  Snuggling is the best!
  1. 8d35bb6c7fa6ed065e8dddb425a77c17Go on a geocache adventure. Geocache really allows you to fulfill your children hood dream of being a pirate.  Download the app on your phone (there’s a free one) and pick a location where there is a geocache hidden.  You and your date can have fun trying to find the container that has the hidden treasure.  Reminder: Bring along a treasure to trade.  Also some of the containers can be very small, so keep a sharp eye out!
  2. Fly a kite. Challenge each other to see who can fly it the highest.
  3. Go to a museum or play together. Pick one neither of you have been to or seen, it’ll make it that much more special and memorable.  Tip: Save the ticket or brochure.
  4. Explore the local area. Research the towns closest to you to see if they have anything unique or specific to that town. I feel like every place does.  They could have the world’s largest mustard museum for all you know!
  5. Go out for a movie and dinner. Movies and a dinner are always a classic. See if there is a drive in theater near you and afterwards grab a milk shake and burger for a full fifties experience.
  1. Stay home. Have dinner at home and cook each other’s favorite foods. Afterwards, play truth or dare .  It’s an old game, but it’ll give you a chance to learn more about each other.
  2. Paint ceramics together. If you’re feeling extra artsy see if you can throw your own bowls and paint those at a local art studio.
  3. 22be785769eff700b162b8c6e93893a1Go to a café and play board games. My friends and I always find the weirdest, oldest games at the café’s we’ve been to.  You both can sip tea/coffee and share a delicious treat without feeling any pressure to keep conversation flowing nonstop.  You really just can have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  4. Visit the zoo. Need I say more?
  5. Play pretend. This really isn’t a date, but I still think it’d be really fun. Make up a holiday together.  There can be rules, traditions and meals that have to take place every year.
  6. Take a cooking or art class together. If possible go to an ongoing weekly class. It can be something that you both look forward to and you can count on seeing each other at least once a week. This may be something you want to do once you start dating each other more seriously, but I still think it’d be fun to do at least once.
  7. Go to a wine tasting together. Afterwards decide which one is both your favorite and have it with your dinner later.  Note: Be careful not to drink too much.
  8. Go for a moonlight walk. Seeing the sunset or sunrise together can be cool too, but switch it up and admire the moon for a while.
  9. Play tennis or any sport really that requires a minimum of two people. Whoever loses has to buy desert.
  10. Oh, I almost forgot. Before you enjoy the warmth, tie up some loose ends first.  Go ice skating before it’s too late!

Hopefully you enjoyed my ideas!  Post below with awesome date ideas too!  Also, let me know how if you try any of these and if it was a bust or a must.


Let’s Talk About Love

Dear Independent Strong-willed Sisters.

I am writing to you to talk about love. Yes I see your nose curl in disgust at the mere mention of that four letter word, but give me a minute to plead my case.

Let me start this out by telling you I understand your cynical views. There was a time not so long ago where I too said I did not need that frilly thing which they call love. No, I said, I am far too independent to ever tie myself down to someone else. (Can you imagine someone else always in your space, demanding things of you? Not for me!). I instead declared I would be single for life, surely that was the only way to remain happy and never ever be disappointed.

I get it. I understand. And let me tell you, I fought with tooth and nail to avoid love like the black plague I decided it was. I pushed and I shoved it away. I was mean and unloving.

But I lost.

The crazy thing is dear Sisters, is that a real love breaks through those pessimistic layers and that wall of cynicism you built around yourself. A real love makes you face yourself and see the real reasons that those walls were built in the first place and will love you anyway.

Now I know this may be hard to hear and I know you still may be rolling your eyes at me even now, believing I have been blinded by cupid’s arrow.

Maybe you are right.

b6134454def58bf77ade92252ec8af22But if being blind means having someone who thinks you are amazing even when your makeup is off, your glasses are on, and your retainer is in; who loves you when you are sick, when you are mean, when you are being unreasonable, or are just plain tired, well I think I don’t mind so much that I have been blinded.

And those fears I had the ones of losing my independence, or being annoyed with someone in my space… I tell you this now; the person who is worth your love will expand your independence and encourage you to grow beyond yourself. The person who is worth your love will understand when you need space and when you are lying and really need them to be close.

Dear sisters, I hope for you that you find what I found (even though I was avidly NOT looking for it). A man who is worth your love will not only be your significant other, but your best friend. That is what you deserve and that is what is worth waiting for.

(Gross so much love!)



The (No-)Dog Days

Nick and I have been seriously thinking about getting a dog for the past two months, and, with our landlord’s blessing, starting looking about a month ago. The second, and subsequently most painful,  trip to the Humane Society started out innocently – a Friday evening, and we had both gotten home from work around 5pm so we made a quick run to the Humane Society before going out to dinner.

IMG_3029We walked in to Bark Alley and I immediately spotted a beautiful grey and white dog who was begging us to take her out. I looked at her nametag, Petunia, and noticed she did not have any pending applications. She didn’t bark, and as I knelt beside her, she struggled against the kennel wall to try and reach me. I needed to pet and play with this dog badly, but walked anxiously through the rest of the hallway to see the other dogs. Before Nick could give me any sort of an opinion, I was out the door talking to a volunteer to bring this beautiful dog to us so we could play with her.

We spent about an hour with her outside, the three of us looking at one another with questioning eyes wondering if we could live together. We were connecting to this dog and saw her in our future. I saw her walking with us, chewing on all of our stuff, cuddling with us, growing old… I wanted her, and when Nick asked her, “Do you want to come and be a part of our little family?”, I knew that he saw and wanted the same thing.

We excitedly filled out an adoption application and headed out for dinner. Our conversation was excited and light as we contemplated where she would stay when we would go home to Wisconsin, or who would take her out for morning and evening walks. I sent a picture of her to my family with exclamations of our excitement and love for this dog that we just met, and received worried messages in return, prompting me to look into whether or not we could realistically have this dog. Unfortunately for the three of us, Petunia was a pit bull; a breed highly discriminated against by landlords, insurance, and jeopardizing our future living prospects.

The more we researched, the more we found that we could not have her. The next morning, after we found out that we were approved for adoption, I retracted our application and we donated money on her behalf to the Humane Society. We were heartbroken.

IMG_2985I was so deliriously desperate for a dog, and I scoured the Humane Society website and Craigslist like I was searching for valuable treasure. I refreshed my page every 10 minutes, and then found a Yorkie Shih Tzu mix on Craigslist. I immediately reached out to the owner and, about nine hours later, we became owners of a 7 pound lady we named Aela.

I was uneasy about her immediately after meeting her, but thought I could get over myself and fall in love with her over time. “She’s the perfect dog for our lifestyle and apartment now! It’ll be fine!,” I told myself. This did not happen. Aela barked incessantly when left alone, and, with paper-thin walls in our apartment building, this was not an option. The second day we had her, I broke down in the morning, bawling and feeling incredibly overwhelmed by my ambiguity toward her and the amount of training and attention she needed. It was apparent that she had separation anxiety issues, and she would bark the entire time we were at work. I couldn’t do it, and Nick didn’t want to make me do it, so I reached out to her previous owner, and they bought her back.

We lost a little money and an apron (intricately damaged by the 7 pound Yorkie), learned the valuable lesson that we were not ready for just any dog. The desire for a dog has not gone away entirely, but it has been muffled after our brief canine experience. In my free time, I visit Petunia at the Humane Society, praying fervently that she has adoption applications in, and coming in to be disappointed. I don’t mind hanging out with her until she finds her forever home, but I do hope she finds it soon.

After we brought Aela back to her real family, Nick said to me, “This is the only time that it is just the two of us, you know. We are in the pre-pet, pre-anything stage, and I am really enjoying things the way they are.” It was the perfect way to center myself and realize how right he was. We will find our dog eventually and we will really be ready, but we don’t have to rush. I know there are many other couples and families in the same situation that we found ourselves in, but I can confidently reassure others, as I do with Nick and myself, that there are so many dogs out there looking for their forever homes, and you will find yours soon! Good luck!

Thank you for reading!

Why Everyone Should Vote as a Woman Tomorrow.

In 2010 over 22 Million women did not vote in the midterm elections… they chose to sit out. – Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

10407552_10152369788020685_55277326331614185_nTomorrow, November 4th marks the day to cast your votes in the midterm election. This piece will focus on Wisconsin; however, the topics of concern here are issues that are being addressed nationally and ones that you should be aware of no matter where you call home. My hope is that whether or not you agree with this piece, it will encourage you to vote.

SIDENOTE: Some quick notes on voting :

1. You do not need an ID to vote. While you may have heard something about a Voter ID Law requiring an ID to participate in voting, do not let that confuse you or deter you from voting; that law has been blocked by the Supreme Court.

2. In Wisconsin you can register to vote at your polling location ON election day. (if you have changed your address recently you may need to prove your address. This site shows you what you can bring for proof:

3. If you do not know where your polling place is check out this website:

Now, the people who have only known me for a few years would be surprised to learn that politics was not always a topic that I found even remotely interesting. In fact, throughout my high school years the only time I batted an eyelash at anything political was when every four years two white men began to duke it out on my television screen.

A lot has changed since then. I am older, there are concerns I have about my past, present, and future that I found frustratingly tangled in politics in a way that I had never imagined possible, and… oh yeah the two white men have evolved to include men of more various shades, and *gasp* a woman! Ye,t despite this growing equality in the political playing field, I was ever more beginning to feel like my body was no more then a pawn in a game of chess to which two parties were vying for the crown.

It is quite a thing when you realize that because of the body you have been born into (or chose) you will be treated differently in society, but it is even more of slap in the face when you realize that because you are a woman politicians will be able to decide your access to health, if and how you receive sexual education, your future children’s education, and how much you will be payed compared to your male peers.

Health Care

ede9cfe9aa96d97cdabbc695b8ddb57cWomen’s ability to bare children have made their bodies a never ending hot topic of debate, but it may surprise you to see that while abortion is as always a hot topic of debate the effects of politics on women’s health care has a reach that goes well and beyond Roe v. Wade.

While I will not discuss my own views on abortion here,  I do think it is important to be aware of what government decisions have been made and how they effect your ability to health care.

1. Contraceptives

It is quite clear that male access to condoms is as simple as walking into must major stores, gas stations, or even grocery stores, but women’s access to female based contraception is not even close to comparable as many women can attest. Still thanks to the Affordable Care Act women have access to birth control and reproductive health care without co-pay or deductible . *There are some exceptions to this act* (Read the full law here.)

If you support the Affordable Health Care Act this could and should be a major voting issue for you, especially as a woman.

2. Closing Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has gone through a lot of changes this year due to government policy. In 2013 perhaps, the most famous of these changes occurred; a law requiring women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds was passed, but there were other actions taken that ultimately has reduced women’s ability to access any of the services Planned Parenthood offers. Clinics which provide abortions were required to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinics location and the budget of Planned Parenthood clinics has been cut by over $1 million dollars in funding . This has lead to 5 clinics in Wisconsin shutting down under the current administrations term.

Some people do not know that Planned Parenthood offers many other benefits to women’s health including, general health care, birth control, relationship support, body image support, gender and sexuality support, and STD testing to name a few. For some women this is their only access to health. For some women this is the only place they feel comfortable turning to when it comes to sexual education.

Once again, I will not weigh in on how I personally feel about the act of abortion; however, I still remember driving a friend to planned parent hood in high school in order to get the birth control pill and condoms. In lieu of sexual education and still at the age where talking to parents about sex was too weird, they were our aid to safe sex and healthy relationships.

For more information about Planned Parenthood click here.


1. Sex Education

Raise your hand if you learned about sex and contraception in high school. I am guessing there are not that many hands. I know I for one would not be raising my hand high.

Yet, for those of you who have been out of the high school scene for a while, you may not be up to speed on current curriculum. In 2012 the Healthy Youth Act was repealed with a bill that promote abstinence only sexual education curriculum. Basically this means that any education about the “health benefits, side effects, and proper use of contraceptives” will no longer be taught in schools.

Now raise your hand if you plan on having sex someday.

It is hard to think about the staggering amount of youth that will be entering this very important stage in their lives where they begin to have serious relationships that will undoubtedly involve sexual acts at some point and realize that they are not knowledgeable about how to keep themselves both safe from STDS and free of unwanted pregnancies.

This is where I will say that I do believe that if we teach people about how to have safe sex, use contraceptives correctly, and have the contraceptives affordable and accessible, we would see a natural reduction in unwanted pregnancies.

Equal Pay

eeec14d727e3463a5029b5247099d9baIs there anyone who still truly believes that women should be payed less then men doing the same work?

Apparently, even in 2014 there are still a few.

In 2012 the Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act which protected women from salary discrimination in their workplace and gave them strength to bring such cases to court was repealed. In doing this Wisconsin descended the ranks nationally and became one of just five states without an equal pay law.

In Wisconsin, women earn 75 cents to every dollar their male counterpart earns. – Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health.

I don’t think I need to continue to belabor the point that generations of women haven been making. Women are people to and deserve to be treated and paid equally for performing a job to the same level as their male peers.

These are just three main issues that I as a woman, daughter, and future Wisconsin mother will be thinking about as I vote tomorrow. There are countless other issues that do effect you and I encourage you to learn about those. I also hope that you continue to educate yourselves about issues that directly effect women. You can start with the links provided below.

Finally, if you are a man, a son with a mother, a father with a daughter, a husband with a wife, or have a woman in life who you value perhaps you should take a moment and consider how you could use politics to make the world a place that appreciated her, and who she is physically as a woman, as a member of a society trying to grow in equality, and as a true individual as well.

“Be in the kitchen rather than on the menu” – WAWH

– Samantha Hersil

Educate Yourself

Current Wisconsin State Legislature:

Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH):

More Issues and Legislation to be concerning your health care about according to Planned Parenthood:

A Chat About Bodily Agency

A few nights ago I was heading home from post-work drinks with coworkers. My walk back is roughly fifteen minutes and in a very safe area. I never think twice about walking alone. And, you know what? I absolutely shouldn’t have to.

Halfway through my walk, I came across a pub where a group of people was sitting outside. When I passed them, one young man decided it was acceptable to slap my ass. The rest of his friends simply laughed along at the entertainment this guy was providing to the group. I was amazed at how strongly they exemplified what is wrong in our patriarchal society.

I spent the rest of my walk home absolutely fuming. I felt violated and weak. Sure, it might appear to be a small incident in the large scheme of things but it meant I was not valued as a person. This man decided that my body was a free for all. The people around him agreed with his behavior and found it acceptable. I wasn’t a human being but instead a source of entertainment and simply an object.

I unashamedly ascribe to the label of feminist. I admire strong women and enjoy being a part of a group of females who support each other. I strive to constantly respect and value myself in a society that often does not do the same. So, “little” things like this incident are truly appalling to me. It made me feel I had no power. Regardless of all the steps I make in my own life, as a woman, my value is meaningless to society.

But it wasn’t only the men who didn’t see my value as a woman. The females in the group who sat there and laughed were completely inexcusable to me. Whether or not they realized it, these women were laughing along with the objectification of their own gender. There is absolutely no reason for a woman to excuse incidents like this as “just a joke”.  Honestly, I find it repulsive that a female would want to be friends with men who took part in the objectification of women.

I’m sick of females who defend this type of behavior in their male friends. I’m tired of men who stress not ALL men would do the same thing. These excuses mean absolutely nothing to me. Until people accept that there is a devaluing of a woman’s body in society and strive to change this, they ARE a part of the problem.

It’s time for everyone to understand a woman’s body is her own. I should be able to walk alone without worrying about feeling violated and powerless. Next time you see something similar happen, I urge you to think about what it truly means. Why is a woman’s body a source of entertainment? What is wrong with our society that a woman can’t walk home alone without experiencing harassment? People need to stop brushing off situations like this. We need to demand a societal change. There has to be strong steps toward complete bodily agency for all people. Maybe then women won’t have to feel powerless.


Connecting with Ourselves

As humans, we are brought up to need people, to connect with others. Compatibility and acceptance – it’s in our DNA. It’s not like I don’t like talking to people – I’m not this sad, anti social pretentious hermit. That’s not the case. Actually, I’m the opposite and that’s the ship I want to jump on. We need to make independence a rite of passage, an okay thing. We need to end the constant reassurance and reliance for the wrong reasons.

I see so many social butterflies from one end of the spectrum to the other now that I am in college. And of course parties, parties, parties. If you’re not out on a Friday night, you adopt the “loser” status and you are considered to have dropped off the edge of the world. People might start wondering what you do with your life and whether or not your closest form of communication is your fish. Pretty soon, you believe that theory, brand HOMEBODY on yourself and adopt a cat and spend Friday nights in. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, there is nothing wrong with that. What is important is doing what we love. Should we cling on to sociability just to be accepted even when don’t fully enjoy it?

Reasons why it’s OK to be alone:

1. Peace of mind.

9b4dfa5bc66b0436b764581e3c152dd7When was the last time you got a moment to yourself? If you’re not already an introvert, this might be nice. When you take time to separate yourself from the social aspects of life, you don’t have to worry about drama, time limits . . . people, in general. This is nice because it decreases the anxiety of having to deal with others. Right now, focus on yourself. I’m not saying do this all of the time, but this is a reason why it’s okay to be alone. So spare yourself some moments of tranquility – go to the library and read a book, give yourself a comfortable setting where you feel nothing but at ease. It’s time to relax. That’s why this tip is entitled “peace of mind.”

2. “Strength” status:

It takes a lot to go “out” in public without a comrade at your side. When you go to the movie theater by yourself, people may look at you and think “Damn, she’s pretty kick ass. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks.” Live life in confidence, it will surely pay off in the long run making you a happier person. Even the coolest people on this planet do things without their crew – whatever your definition of “cool” may be.

3. Learning about yourself:

When we get caught up in trying to be apart of a friend group, or are already in a friend group, we sometimes forget who we are or what our interests are. It’s not a horrible thing, but it’s good to bounce back once in awhile. For an example, I’m learning a lot about myself in college. I’m learning that I’m not a huge fan of the party scene and I don’t enjoy getting smashed because not being in control scares me. Like, look at this real scenario:

Friend: “You going to that huge party tonight? I heard it was going to be insane.”
Me: “No. I’m spending it curled up in bed writing. I am so pumped. I can’t wait to get to my computer.”
Friend: “ . . . Oh.”

Basically, I’m a nerd and would rather stay in watching movies and typing up my future novel. I don’t drink to get some sort of adrenaline rush and to let go. I write to get an adrenaline rush and to let go – and I’m totally okay with that. During this learning about myself thing, I also realized that I have grander morals than I thought – thought I feel like I am not following the official “college handbook”, I’m proud of myself in the end. Learning about yourself is such an empowering feeling, and it’ll help you not feel so unattached from your soul.

4. Your true friends will slowly (or quickly) trickle in your life when they’re meant to: 

When you focus on doing your own thing and not always going out with the crowd or with the current, you are allowing things to fall into place gracefully. An example is when I spent the day by myself in a Starbucks reading a book. A guy came up to me and asked me what I was reading because the cover looked interesting – from there, we delved into a really awesome conversation. Okay, I know this sounds so unlikely and kind of unrealistic, but if you think about it, it does happen. You just have to let nature take it’s course. I know as humans we don’t exactly notice is, but when we are always stuck in a large crowd, our voice gets smaller and we don’t say the things we mean. Again, it’s okay to step back, spend some time alone and remember what we are and who we want. The right people will come into your life when it’s meant to be.

5. It’ll help you be comfortable in your own skin:

d95d9060734605d2426e15448462dc88Do not fear, you can finally walk out the door, headphones in, jamming down the street in your own imagery music video like Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer.  (If you have seen the movie, you’ll be strutting your stuff not for that specific reason . . . well, maybe. I don’t know) You’ll feel bad ass, you’ll feel complete, you’ll feel whole and happy and all around euphoric. You got this. Basically, this tip is straight forward: you’ll feel good in your own skin, and you won’t have to worry about constantly leaning on someone for support. Once again, we do need friends and we love our friends, but in the end, who is always there for you? Yourself. The media has branded such a social atmosphere for us that it’s draining and we forget to be okay with just us sometimes. I mean, our own company rules. Learn to love yourself one hundred percent.

Here is another example: Those who go out to dinner with friends – hell yeah! We all should from time to time. Those who go out to dinner by themselves – that’s both daring and bold and I applaud you. There a difference between having and wanting. Learn to want to go out and do things alone. More power to you, girlfriend. And, these are moments that when solo, we might find ourselves running into a life long friend, a new passion, the road to discovery . . . or someone special. :)

So, word of advice: Live it. Love it. Embrace it.


Traveling Alone As A Woman

Last semester, one of my professors posed an interesting question that still sticks with me now. She asked us to write what we could do if we were the opposite gender that we couldn’t do as our own gender. The answers ranged from funny to profound. But one answer stands out to me since I uprooted my life back home and moved to Dublin for an internship. A female student in the class said if she were a guy she could travel alone without feeling unsafe.

While any solo traveler should be aware of his or her surroundings regardless of gender, it unfortunately seems traveling alone is more dangerous for females. I suppose I can see where my dad is coming from when he worries about me booking trips to various countries alone. I’ve chosen relatively safe destinations yet I still can’t help but feel a little nervous each time I get on a plane alone.

I would love to see the day where all women can travel alone without feeling scared. However, that day seems pretty far in the future, and we still live in a world where women are often not treated like human beings. It’s going to take a big societal change to make traveling solo completely safe for women. So, until then I think it’s important to equip women with the proper tools to avoid danger as much as possible. Sure it might be a measly Band-Aid on a large wound but at least it’s helpful for the time being.see the world

Stick To Populated Areas

I’ll admit I’m not always thrilled about this guideline that I set out for myself but I still think it’s extremely important. While it’s really fun to happen across a restaurant or bar that’s off the beaten track, it also means you’re venturing into less populated areas. Unless you know the city you’re visiting extremely well, it’s very easy to wander into an unsafe neighborhood. Sure, the busy areas might be obnoxious tourist traps some of the time, but most of those sights are so heavily visited for good reasons! If you can’t resist and have to find your charming hidden spot make sure to do your research ahead of time. Ask the front desk at your hostel the safest way to get to your destination.

Have A Phone With You

Usually, it’s pretty easy to pick up a cheap phone and purchase a bundle of text messages and minutes. Make sure to ask at the store what the country’s emergency number is and add it to your contacts. Hopefully you won’t have to use it but it’s always better to have it in case something happens. The last thing you want is to be in a tough situation with no means to get help. It’s one of the easiest rules to forget about but probably one of the most important to remember.

Skip The Heavy Drinking_MG_1278

I know, I know. Now I’m just raining on everyone’s parade. Even with the rule you can definitely go out and have a good time. Try going out for one pint at the local pub earlier in the evening so you don’t have to worry about heading home alone in the dark. If you can’t fight the allure of the nightlife try to make friends with some of your hostel roommates. Then you can all head out for a drink together and walk back to the hostel as a group.

Get A Cross-Body Purse

Most of the cities you’ll travel to will be pretty safe with the biggest problem being pick pocketing. It’s usually obvious which people are tourists. After all, you are often holding a map or at least looking a bit out of place. Unfortunately, you’re the easiest target. The best thing you can do is carry a purse that crosses you body plus has a zipper. Bonus points if it has a flap that buttons over the zipper! This makes it much more difficult for a person to get your possessions. Nobody wants to have their vacation ruined by missing credit cards. Believe me. I’ve had the experience, and it’s nothing short of a nightmare.

More Tips

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and it’s always a good idea to research your destination before you leave. Safe and fun travels!!

And so it begins…

The Millennial Muse started out like most things – with just an inkling, a nagging feeling that there is more to our generation than what the Times would tell you. The story starts with a girl and her idea that it was time for her peers to have a platform to discuss what is important to them in their own words, a place of free expression without limitations. She called upon 6 amazingly strong women who she knew had something to say to the world. These women are the Muses. She then asked them to share their opinions which were usually reserved for coffee shop meetings or living room conversations and open themselves and their views up to the public.

The guidelines they received were simple: write a post about what you are thinking about; comment on another muse’s post; start a discussion for others to join in.

We are a generation of diverse people with diverse ideas, and unless we vocalize them now, they will become nothing but fruitless musings. This blog is meant to serve as a platform for these conversations. It is a place where unique and different ideas are not only shared, but are also encouraged. It is a place of honesty, and although opinions do, and will differ, they are respected and valued.

We have started the conversation, and now it’s your turn to continue it.

On Behalf of the Muses,

– Samantha Courtney  & Jennifer Beth