Meet the Muses


Jennifer Beth

Jennifer Beth : A recent graduate of UW-Madison, Jennifer pursued a degree in English Literature and Pre-PA studies, and is currently enjoying her gap year (and a half) working as a CNA before grad school, where she is hoping to specialize in pediatrics in her PA program. A huge Harry Potter fan, she swears her Hogwarts letter got lost in transit. Jennifer’s preferred areas of study in literature are 20th century modern fiction, graphic novels, and the digital humanities. When she isn’t studying, cheering on the Packers and Badgers, crafting or reading, Jennifer enjoys a strong cup of coffee, cooking and a good jam sesh of One Direction and Taylor Swift. One of Jennifer’s other passions is for photography, and she specializes in portraits and her one true love: food.

Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth:  A firm believer in the “power nap” as a universal remedy, Emily hails from central Wisconsin and earned her English degree in Madtown.  Since graduation, she is completing a year of service in the Twin Cities and having a bit of an identity crisis because she’s a Wisconsinite at heart. Emily’s faith drives her life and she enjoys running, bicycling, reading, and cooking.  She met her fiancé while they were both working as counselors at a summer camp.  Traveling is something she never grows tired of and she loves all things German.  She aspires to be a teacher someday, but dislikes homework herself. Her guilty pleasures include watching The Bachelor and consuming copious amounts of cheese.


Kelsey Manders

Kelsey Manders: A senior at UW-Madison, Kelsey is studying to obtain a degree in Strategic Communications, which she intends to use to work for an advocate group that focuses on women’s issues. Although she is currently living in Madison, Kelsey swears her heart lies in Europe where she hopes to one day live, in either London or Dublin while married to a member of One Direction. Kelsey enjoys a well-steeped cup of tea, traveling anywhere and everywhere, Leonardo DiCaprio movies, and a good feminist rant. In her free time, Kelsey can be found devouring a new book, watching French films, and generally fantasizing about life abroad.

Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M., a recent graduate of the TR/Child Life Therapy and Psychology Programs at UW – La Crosse, is currently residing in her hometown working as a Family and Community Specialist/Parent Advocate/Youth Mentor for a company contracted out by Social Services for families in crisis. Elizabeth’s professional and educational background is heavy in relationship, family and children studies, with an emphasis on behavioral, emotional, physical, and cognitive disorders and disabilities. She is currently in a “transitional phase”, and will be moving to Chambana(!), IL, this summer/fall with her longtime boyfriend. When Elizabeth is not worrying about the near and far future, she enjoys  movies, spending time with her (crazy) family, pretending to like exercise, and finding things that make her laugh.  She is also an avid writer, reader, typographer, and Redditor.

Jozi H.

Jozi H.

Jozi Pat:  Jozi is looking forward to finishing up her tenure at UW Madison this coming May after 5 years in residence (not including the year she spent abroad at University of Cape Town). With her History, Environmental Studies, and Gender and Women’s Studies degrees in tow, she will be making the big move to New Orleans this summer to take a job with AmeriCorps City Year. As an intern for Sarvodaya  USA in Madison and at the Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre in Lilongwe,  Jozi developed a valuable skill set working in the non-profit field. With an intended future in Global Maternal and Child Health, she hopes to put these learned skills to good use. When she’s not travelling the world, this college co-ed loves long walks on the beach, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. But only if it’s warm rain.


Gabby J.

Gabby J.

Gabby is a recent graduate and fashion guru. She loves the ocean and is like a fish in the water. Her guilty pleasure is running down to the nearest Francesca’s and purchasing as many dresses as she can justify. Her heart currently belongs to none other than Tom Hiddleston and if she could she would spend days listening to him recite poetry by e.e. cummings to her.


Julia Renee Busshardt

Julia Renee Busshardt

Born and raised in the small town of Watertown, WI, Julia Renee Busshardt- who likes to go by the nickname, Jules- is a twenty year old English Major who spent her first year of college at UW- Waukesha, and is transferring to UW-Whitewater. There, she will continue to study English, minor in film, with an emphasis in creative writing. Along side her infinite passion for writing- and day dreaming- Julia also enjoys ballet, tap and jazz, anything vintage, Portlandia, spending the day in the bookstore, drinking LOTS of coffee while enjoying conversations about life, meeting new people, going to concerts and . . . is a total movie junkie. A few of her favorite movies include Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Juno, and (500) Days of Summer. She’s also passionate about music. Her favorite bands include Foster The People, Best Coast and Death Cab For Cutie. Julia hopes to become a Creative Writing Professor, alongside with being an author. Extremely open minded and down to earth, Julia’s biggest goals are to inspire people and prove that having quirks is an okay thing that everyone should embrace.


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  1. Where can I go to find a millennial woman to design book covers, beta-readers, editing (for self-publisher). I want to help them, but it would be much easier if I had a source I could go to which is dedicated to millennial women looking for this freelance work–without having to first sift through multitudes of others.

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